As a company that carries out maintenance work, we must have the knowledge and practical skills of operating, maintaining machinery and equipment. Our staff has a wide skills in maintenance management in engineering and other industry sectors, machinery and equipment services as well as independent maintenance in machinery maintenance.

Our employees knows the methodology and procedures of operation of machines and equipment, they have knowledge of the construction, they knows the methodology of technical and operating systems, methodology of procedures and creation of complex maintenance activities in the maintenance of machines and equipment deployed in production and non-production systems. The knowledge is complemented by regular internal training in the areas of machine operation and maintenance practices associated with the operation of machinery and equipment, taking into account the real interaction on the impacts of the operation and the environment.

Why to choose us?

  • Professional and properly trained staff
  • Regular quality control on site 
  • Professional approach to clients needs
  • Continual improvement of work and processes 
  • Responsible approach to the needs of employees

We provide machinery and equipment maintenance services, we have knowledge and practical skills in approaches and creation of operations management and maintenance procedures for complex machinery and equipment care. Our company assists clients in complex maintenance systems, in the management, organisation and technical preparation of machinery and equipment maintenance as well as in the technical preparation of service activities related to the operation of machinery and equipment.

  • Relationship based on mutual trust
  • Comply to health and safety at work
  • Regular management and monitoring of workplace risks
  • Prompt and fast approach to clients' requests and wishes
  • Integrity, flexibility, courtesy and co-responsibility