Maintenance and inspection of machinery and equipment

Maintenance, testing and inspection schedules are required to ensure that the appliances are operating safely and efficiently, to maximise the life of equipment and reduce the risk of failure. Our company is paying attention to minimalism the risk or failure by planning maintenance task, regular inspection of all machinery covered, reporting and recording findings, following law regulations and delivering outstanding service.

With this approach, we are able to deliver excellent services in machine and equipment maintenance services. We are here to supply manufacturing businesses with quality engineering solutions. We are able to provide trained professionals such as electricians, technicians and specialised crafted skilled workers. Individuals or full working teams could be also integrated into the client's environment and directly managed and supervised by the client.

As part of a comprehensive maintenance services

solutions, we provide integrated services in :

  • Full in-house maintenance services/Outsourcing
  • Maintenance and repairs, including 24 hours. service
  • Operation and monitoring of technical equipment
  • Preventive maintenance-service inspections
  • Repair and maintenance services
  • Troubleshooting machinery
  • Scheduled maintenance

Maintenance management

Maintenance management is the process we use to achieve maximum performance with the lowest production costs while maintaining environmental and occupational safety. In order to achieve optimum efficiency of the equipment, it is necessary for the company to implement a process that uses information on technical equipment efficiently. A key component of a successful maintenance management program is the acquisition and thorough recording of operational and historical information. This data will allow you to achieve maximum performance with a minimum of maintenance interventions, thus achieving cost and production goals.

Maintenance processes

  • Inspection - steps to ensure and assess actual the condition of machinery, equipment or components.
  • Maintenance - steps to maintain the desired conditionproduction equipment. These are mainly works such as cleaning, lubrication, preserving, refilling and replacing of process materials, setting and sorting of machines and equipment.
  • Repairs - Restoration of the technical condition of production machines to ensure quality production.

Basic types

  • Preventive, planned maintenance
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Expected and corrective (repressive) maintenance

Preventive maintenance - is performed at predetermined intervals or in accordance with the prescribed criteria and is designed to reduce the likelihood of a malfunction or limitation of functionality of the element.

Predictive maintenance - is a special preventive maintenance case strategy. It focuses on detecting warning signs of damage. Periodic inspection of the equipment is performed and maintenance is performed when a certain degree of damage is detected. In this case, maintenance will only be carried out on parts that have been recorded or impaired.

Repressive maintenance - is performed only after detection and recognition of the error and is intended to bring the device into a state in which it can perform the desired function. It is advisable to use it if another way of maintenance cannot be chosen.

Our company assists clients in complex maintenance systems, in the management, organisation and technical preparation of machinery and equipment maintenance as well as in the technical preparation of service activities related to the operation of machinery and equipment.