Our intention

Improving and maintenance activities are parallel to each other. Just as we try to maintain performance at the required level, we are also looking for new methods, new technologies, more efficient equipment. At workplace, each worker has both types of activities in his / her work. When achieving the ideal ratio of both components, the work team reflects the hierarchical position and process improvement.

Our management spends most of its time on improvement activities in terms of strategic planning, maintenance and market requirements, but it is also capable of sustaining activities. On the other hand, our staff spends most of their time on maintenance activities, but they also have to be able to think, understand and develop processes of their own work to perfection.

Our goal is to improve processes and to actively involve as many people as possible in troubleshooting, eliminating waste in the company or at the workplace.

  • We try to involve as many staff as possible to troubleshooting and business processes
  • We create a system and work teams and take advantage of the potential of every worker
  • We motivate workers to actively enter into problem solving and process improvement

Advantages for workers

  • Education - if the worker wants to solve the problem, he needs to understand
  • Improving corporate culture (communication, awareness, etc.)
  • Better solution to problems with your client
  • Motivation-actively engaging people in problem solving
  • Elimination of stereotypical, monotonous work
  • Improving the working environment

  • Raising work safety
  • Rating and remuneration
  • Support teamwork