Integration of our services

We specialize in the Maintenance Services and we generally have very skilled and experienced workers. Our company will take the ownership of the daily problems of your maintenance divisions and you can fully focus on your main business activity. The way we provide or implement the integrated solution for our clients it’s also called hiring, which means that you as a clients can hire all services for your manufacturing business directly from us as a service provider.   

The main reason of hiring our  services is to improve the main activities of your company. Our company benefits from the fact that we provide that service to multiple clients. We can optimise the cost of labour, use of funds and to our solutions we are trying to implement new technologies which can work efficiently. So by hiring services from external resources your company gains expertise, reducing costs and reducing operational costs.

Reasons to use our service

It seems counter-intuitive that the company will hire highly visible and important services. But once you look at all the things an organisation must do to handle in-house service (and keep it constantly), it is more obvious why many organisations turn to hire services compared to operation in-house.

If the service is provided in-house, the company must:

  • Solving everyday operational, administrative queries
  • Provide necessary technological objects (tools, phone, etc.)
  • Find qualified employees
  • Provide training and development for all staff
  • Provide employee physical working environment
  • Existing costs (telephone line fee, travel expenses.)
  • Implementation of job interviews and hiring process
  • Complete payroll and personnel agenda for internal staff
  • Provide solution to the internal employees needs

If you want to get your organisation to maintain and focus on core competencies and use of the latest technology, then our company can help your organisation achieve all this and more.

All services that are normally continuous require continuous coverage, special resources, and management response. This step is necessary because the reactions are generated at random external forces, rather than internal, management plan. Services of this type require cover for the absence of primary sources as well as higher costs.

For example:

  • Schedule time off - vacation
  • Not planning refund on disease
  • Not planning refund on family-related leave
  • Maternity leave
  • Doctor visit
  • Etc ...

Advantages of our services.

  • Client can orientate on key business activity
  • We sharing risk with your company,
  • You are able to release resources for other use,
  • You have regular and unchanged cash-flow planning
  • You obtain higher quality and time savings
  • you increased efficiency and productivity
  • You reduced labour and overhead costs by up to 40%.