Maintenance,reconstruction and protection

Maintenance, testing and inspection schedules are required to ensure that the facility is operating safely and efficiently, to maximise the life of equipment and reduce the risk of failure. Our company is paying attention to minimalise the risk or failure by planning maintenance task, regular inspection of all facilities covered, reporting and recording findings, following law regulations and delivering outstanding service.

With this approach, we are able to deliver excellent services in property management. We are here to supply manufacturing businesses with quality engineering solutions. We are able to provide trained professionals such as electricians, technicians and specialised crafted skilled workers. Individuals or full working teams could be also integrated into the client's environment and directly managed and supervised by the client.

As part of a comprehensive building management
solutions, we provide integrated services to help
you in :

  • Archiving and management of technical documentation
  • Maintenance and repairs, including 24 hours. service
  • Operation and monitoring of technical equipment
  • Preventive maintenance-service inspections
  • Technical and administrative management
  • Technical inspection and testing
  • Repair and maintenance services
  • Troubleshooting machinery
  • Scheduled maintenance

Fire protection

The threat from fire carries one of the highest risks to loss of
life, and the potential to damage or shut down a business.
Fire safety is the ability of structures to defend the loss of life,
personal injury and loss of property in case of fire. Any legal
entity or natural person - entrepreneur has responsibilities in
the area of fire protection in accordance with § 4 point.) of the
Act no. 314/2001 Z.z. on fire protection, as amended.
Our company offer full maintenance, inspection and testing
for all of the fire safety equipment and systems, keeping
records and certificates of compliance, archiving important
documents and provide advice on fire protection.

Building maintenance

Building maintenance includes a variety of tasks that may vary. Without in this regard, the basic obligations are common to each building and include: electrical, carpentry, painting, plumbing and other work. As a building maintenance provider, we are aware of the level of expertise and therefore we try to employ experts. Buildings must follow local and state regulations. Therefore, it is important to perform these tasks correctly.


Some clients will have daily needs that mean periodic maintenance needs; therefore building maintenance tasks are very common. Our company strives to develop long-term relationships with clients, as well as with an environment that must be clean, secure and enhances employees' work day. One of the biggest challenges is to attract and retain new clients. This is where our excellent customer service comes into play. Our building maintenance company focuses on creating trust, as well as to demonstrate integrity, professionalism and high performance while on duty.

Renovation, reconstruction and decoration

Reconstruction is a term used to describe the improvement process by cleaning, decorating and reprocessing. It may also contain additional equipment to increase the energy efficiency and sustainability of the building. In general, renovation can include works like 'cosmetic' renovations (such as painting), upgrading, major repair work, alterations, remodelling, extensions and upgrades. The building's life cycle can be greatly enhanced with efficient renovation or refurbishment. As each building is unique, not only structurally, technically and topologically, but also in a local context, the right approach to refurbishment should be completed according to the particular conditions.

In the wide sense, the term "decoration" refers to the process of creation something more attractive or items that are used to make something more attractive. In construction, decoration refers to "dressing" a room or interior. It can be referred to as "interior decoration" or "decor" and refers to the aesthetics of space and its furniture, finishes, lighting etc. In general, this does not include the shape of the space, the position of the walls and so on. The purpose of decoration is to make the space aesthetically pleasing and functionally useful for users, but this may need of consideration broader contextual issues such as fashion, culture and so on.

Our working teams are able to perform professional as well as routine activities that's keep your property in good working order and prevent problems that may arise by negligence directly on your premises.