About Us 

SmartShell Services s.r.o. was founded in 2016 as a family business by a man who has strong and long-lasting experience in managing and delivering services to diverse clients abroad. The professional experience from abroad respectively from the UK, which he acquired in providing services and managing the necessary operational processes in service areas with capacities of up to 300 employees, he founded a company with the same mission in Slovakia. SmartShell Services s.r.o. is committed to deliver quality services without compromise and regardless of the nature or size of your premises. As a company, we are continually striving to improve and control our quality systems with the intention of delivering services that match or exceed the expectations of our clients.

Our Approach 

We working in the partnership with all clients and improving our service constantly. The smooth coordination’s between our services and clients’ needs and procedures are very important to us. We closely communicate work and act with all clients individually and make our work systems, procedures and policy consistent with the clients. This will enable us to provide as smooth and professional service as possible to each client’s individually.

We take care of the service we provide

Provide support services means to understand the complexity of technological knowledge and professional empathy, knowledge of the diversity of clients and their organisational culture as well as infrastructure and business portfolio. So to deliver exceptional quality services, we have to know the needs and environment of the client and come up with a suitable solution that meets their expectations.

Our work begins in the phase of analysis and design of an optimal solution for each client individually, where we contribute in the field of infrastructure architecture and standards, continues with the design of services, possible process procedures and support tools and ends with the full implementation phase of the service.

Continual improvements

The essence of our work is that we implement and then operationally run support services. Implementation of any services are also a qualitative input to the process and the client's environment, so both parties must be able to positively react to change which will come. For this fact, we are ready and we are able to successfully manage change.

We proactively approach services based on the principle of Continual Service Improvement. Our company regularly evaluates the condition of our operations and proactively proposes changes for the next steps.

We firmly believe that top quality assurance is directly proportional to the actual delivery place of our services, so we have implement  in place a number of quality control measures that work and we have ongoing supervision and process management on site to provide operational control and the services within our clients are kept in the highest possible standard. We do not promise what we can not accomplish and do not threaten any cooperation through irresponsible action. We are always honest with clients.