Our services 

Our company provides comprehensive service provision related to operation and industrial engineering services  throughout the territory of the Slovak Republic as well as EU.  Support activities such as technical administration of buildings, technological equipment service,  repair, and support services for industrial organisations, building developers and projects we take over all the activities that they are not the main activity of the client. Our clients so there is room to fully focus on the main subject of business activity. Another advantage for the client is a reduction in administrative workload and reduction operating costs associated with those services. 

Industrial services      

We provides a fully integrated set of , repair, and support services for industrial organisations, building developers and projects. We supply manufacturing businesses with quality engineering solutions.  We  provide trained professionals such as electricians, technicians and specialised crafted skilled workers. Individuals or full working teams could be also integrated into the client's environment and directly managed and supervised by the client.

  • Electrical installation services 
  • Mechanical assembly services 
  • Assembly services for automated production lines  

Maintenance of machinery and equipment

SmartShell Services s.r.o. provides a fully integrated package of maintenance, repair and support services. We provide integrated services to help you:

  • Troubleshooting Machines and Equipment
  • Repair and Maintenance of Devices
  • Preventive Maintenance - Service Inspections
  • Planned Maintenance
We provide precise services and a wide range of products to meet your expectations.

We are able to provide our services to a variety of clients such as:

  • Administrative and warehouse space
  • Industrial and manufacturing companies
  • Health and ambulance
  • Management companies 
  • Schools and educational organisations
  • Commercial spaces and shops
  • Private homes and apartments 
  • Construction companies 
  • Restaurants and canteens 
  • Real estate agencies